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Farm Paws was established to address the welfare needs of the rural farming community and their pets. Originally initiated by a local farming family on an informal basis, Farm Paws officially registered as a Non-Profit Company in 2020 with the collaboration of neighboring friends. Located in the Raithby district of Stellenbosch, Farm Paws currently offers assistance and care to approximately 264 dogs and 118 cats. Our primary objective is to ensure that all pets are sterilized by the age of 5 months and older, while also working towards eliminating unregistered backyard breeders in the farming and surrounding rural communities. To support this objective, we adhere to the Western Cape animal by-law published in the Gazette, which helps regulate the number of dogs and cats per household, ultimately improving the quality of life for these pets. Additionally, Farm Paws facilitates pet transportation to and from animal hospitals for sterilizations, vaccinations, and emergency care. We also provide preventive treatments such as deworming and tick control, and strive to provide weatherproof kennels whenever possible.


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