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Welcome to Wilgers Animal Hospital, located in Pretoria East at the corner of Karwats and Rossouw Street, Die Wilgers. We strive to offer Total Veterinary Care by staying up-to-date with the latest developments in veterinary medicine and providing access to state-of-the-art digital radiographic equipment, in-house clinical laboratory services, and ultrasound equipment. Additionally, we have a strong collaboration with Idexx, a world-leading veterinary laboratory, for more complex blood and hormone work. Our mission is to provide comprehensive care, including a wide range of premium dog and cat foods, toys, blankets, beds, tick and flea control products, dewormers, and supplements. We ensure the comfort of our feline patients by keeping them in separate wards and a dedicated waiting room. Animals with infectious diseases are isolated in a separate ward. Feel free to discuss your pets’ needs and concerns with us. We encourage open conversations about diagnoses, treatment options, and cost estimates. We are here to support you and your beloved pets.

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