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Welcome to Waverley Veterinary Hospital, a dedicated small animal hospital that warmly welcomes all pet patients seeking routine medical, surgical, and dental care. With our extensive experience in treating both common and severe conditions, as well as providing regular pet wellness check-ups, your beloved pets are in trusted hands. We take pride in creating a soothing and comfortable environment in our clinic, ensuring your pets can relax while waiting and eagerly anticipate meeting our experienced Waverley veterinarian. To empower pet owners with knowledge about proper pet care, we offer various resources to help you understand how to better care for your furry companions. Additionally, our small shop caters to your pet’s needs, making it convenient for you to find the essentials. We firmly believe that the best veterinary care involves continuous nutrition and preventive measures. Therefore, educating yourself about preventative pet care is crucial for ensuring the long-term well-being of your cherished animals. At Waverley Veterinary Hospital, we treat your pets with the utmost care and consideration, recognizing them as cherished family members deserving of the best possible care.

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