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Welcome to Groenkloof Dierekliniek (GDK), where our dedication to animal health and well-being is second to none. Our exceptional Vets, Dr. Heyns and Dr. Zöllner, boast over 35 years of experience each, and their genuine passion for animals is evident in every aspect of their care. Beyond merely treating and healing, we believe in understanding the unspoken language of your beloved pets. Our team of industry-leading Vets is well-versed in a wide range of complex orthopedic and soft tissue procedures. With extensive expertise in working with primates, a deep love for wildlife, and a warm welcome to all small animals, we cater to a diverse array of cases. When you step through our doors, you can have complete trust and confidence in our services, knowing that we truly value the sanctity of life. At GDK, we take pride in the compassionate care we provide, ensuring that your furry, feathered, or scaled companions receive the highest level of attention and devotion.

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