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At Cape Exotic Animal Hospital, we believe that exceptional pets deserve exceptional care. Our unwavering focus is on assisting both you and your beloved pets in overcoming any challenges that come your way. We understand that love is a powerful medicine. Your bird or exotic pet deserves nothing but the finest care, and that’s precisely what we provide. Our dedication is always directed towards helping your unique companion and you navigate any obstacles that may arise. Love remains at the core of our approach to treatment. At Cape Exotic Animal Clinic, we cater to a diverse range of animals, beyond the typical dog and cat practice. From pet birds and reptiles to rabbits, rodents, teacup pigs, and primates, our expertise spans across various species. Additionally, we offer specialized care for a variety of small and large wildlife species. While some might not be considered extremely “exotic,” we understand that each species requires specific knowledge, equipment, and training for their well-being.


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