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Discover a remarkable place that transcends mere geography – JBay is an indescribable sensation. Lorraine and I are delighted to share this extraordinary destination with you. Witness the captivating waves as dolphins grace us with their presence, making this a truly enchanting place I am privileged to call home. Let’s delve into the origin of our unique name – Kitchen Windows. It pays homage to the surf spot located to the right of our restaurant. In the past, Jeffrey’s Bay was renowned as a prime fishing area, with locals referring to the spot as Little Reef. As the 60s rolled in, it evolved into a popular surf destination, earning the name Kitchen Windows. Surfers of that era would peer through their kitchen windows to gauge the surfing conditions. At Kitchen Windows, we embrace the values of family and create an environment where cherished memories are made. With excellent cuisine and an extensive wine selection, we invite you to join us and partake in this remarkable experience. Our premises feature a lush, grassy lawn for playtime and we provide kids activity packs, ensuring a delightful outing for the whole family.

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