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Breed Description

Self-assured, loyal and affectionate, Rottweilers are a large breed dog with a sturdy muscular body, a thick double coat and a broad head. With a life span of 8 – 10 years and an average weight of 35kg – 60kg. Known for their assertive and protective nature, they make fantastic guard dogs. Rottweilers make great family dogs and are a very loving breed but require obedience training and enjoy having a job to do. Eager to please and work-driven, Rottweilers are loyal companions.

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Life Expectancy

8 – 11 Years






Moderate Shedder














Rottweilers have a large muscular body with a broad head, wide muzzle and a deep chest. They have floppy ears and dark eyes with a distinctive black coat with tan markings. Their thick double coat is short and water-resistant.


Their coats are dense, short and water-resistant. Predominantly black with tan markings. They shed moderately, even more during shedding season and require weekly brushing to maintain and need to be bathed monthly. Their nails need to be trimmed regularly, ears cleaned, and teeth brushed often.


Rottweilers require a high-quality diet for their active lifestyles. A high-quality breed appropriate kibble supplemented with fresh lean meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits and additional dietary supplements such as calcium and omega 3 oils. Be sure to speak to your vet about what would be right for your Rottweiler.


Exercise and mental stimulation are very important for a Rottweiler's health. They require daily exercise and training. Long walks, jogs or play time and interactive games or training would do great. They need adequate exercise and training to prevent destructive behavior. Obedience training can be very beneficial for them as well. They love having a job to do or a task to complete as they are incredibly work driven and eager to please.


Overall Rottweilers are a healthy breed, but like all dogs, they are still susceptible to disease and health issues like hip and elbow dysplasia, heart disease and bloat. Proper diet, regular exercise and vet check-ups can aid in avoiding these for a long and happy life.


Rottweilers are an active breed and need ample space to run around and explore. They do best in a calm yet active and structured environment with regular exercise and mental stimulation. They need loads of toys and attention as they are a very loving and affectionate breed. They enjoy water and performing tasks. They are very work-driven and eager to please.


Rottweilers are moderate maintenance as they require daily exercise, weekly brushing, a high-quality diet, regular vet check-ups, training and loads of love.


Confident and intelligent, Rottweilers are protective and affectionate. If well socialized they can be incredibly good with kids. They have a dominating personality and are very protective over their family and home. They love having a job to do and enjoy training. Although they might look intimidating, they extremely affectionate and loyal towards their owners, but can be weary of strangers. Overall a calm breed, they are alert and extremely intelligent. They need proper socialization to avoid destructive behavior.

Family Life

Rottweilers are a loyal and affectionate breed towards their owners. If well socialized they can be incredibly good with kids and other pets. They require an active lifestyle but enjoy a good cuddle at the end of the day.

Fun Facts

– Rottweilers almost became extinct when their jobs were taken over by railroads, luckily, they bounced back as police and military dogs.<br />
– Rottweilers are "leaners" and tend to lean against things, be careful with small children and the elderly!<br />
– They make fantastic therapy dogs and in 2015 a Rottweiler won best therapy dog in America.

Breed History

Rottweiler origins can be traced to Germany although the ancestors of Rottweilers can be traced back to ancient Rome making Rottweilers one of the oldest breeds. Ancient Romans used drover or cattle dogs to move and protect their cattle or sheep. These drover dogs had bred with other cattle and drover dogs in the regions and developed what we now know as Rottweilers. Over time these drover dogs found work in the cattle town of Rottweil in Germany. The drover dogs took up the name Rottweiler Metzger Hund translating to Butcher's Dog of Rottweil as they were the chosen breed moving butcher’s meat and livestock to markets from farms and protecting them along the way. However due to the new use of railways and cattle cars, Rottweilers lost their jobs as butcher's dogs and found new purpose in being police dogs, personal protectors and construction workers. They were also among the world's first guide dogs and more recently search and rescue dogs. In the long time Rottweilers have been around, they have changed very little and it's quite interesting considering all the jobs they've had!


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