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Breed Description

A small white dog often with long silky white fur, floppy ears and a fluffy curled over tail. This toy breed dog has a life span of 12 – 14 years and an average weight of 1-3kg and height of 20cm – 30cm. A loving, loyal, elegant and happy dog that works great in small apartments and don’t require much exercise. The perfect little lap dog!

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Life Expectancy

12 – 14 Years




















A small yet sturdy breed of dog, they have a well-proportioned frame with square bodies and a high held neck. They have dark eyes and a black nose. Known for their long, silky white coats, which can elegantly hang to the floor. Their coat is pure white with no variations and no spots.


Their long and silky coats require daily grooming to maintain and avoid knotting and matting. Maltese can be groomed to have short hair which is easier to maintain, however they require regular haircuts and brushing 2-3 times a week. Nails should be clipped regularly, and teeth should be brushed daily along with annual vet cleaning. Regular cleaning of the eyes is also needed to avoid tear staining.


Although Maltese can be picky eaters, they do great with a high-quality balanced diet specifically made for small breed dogs. Correct portions are important to avoid unnecessary weight gain.


Although full of energy, Maltese need a moderate amount of exercise which can easily be done by indoor or outdoor games, although going for daily walks are a great way to both mentally and physically stimulate them! They can be trained, although it does take some time, it is a great form of mental stimulation! Strenuous activities and running should try to be avoided as they are prone to joint and muscle problems.


Maltese are a generally healthy dog breed easily living a long healthy life. They are prone to certain health disorders like patellar luxation, heart murmurs, and white shaker syndrome. Like most toy breeds they a prone to dental and gum problems and need their teeth brushed daily along with routine cleanings at the vet. With a proper diet, adequate exercise and regular vet visits and vaccinations, they will live a long and happy healthy life!


Maltese do great in small apartments and homes and are minimal shedders. They can be good with other pets if they are well socialized. They are always generally happy to stay indoors apart from bathroom times and respond well with repetitive rewards-based training.


Maltese require quite a bit of grooming maintenance as they need almost daily brushing and daily dental cleaning. They need a bath once every 2 weeks to reduce chances of matting. The toy breed needs only a moderate amount of exercise which is easily achievable by just playing with them or going for a short walk. Along with those, they require a high-quality small breed balanced diet and annual vet visits and vaccinations.


Maltese are a lovable, affectionate and gentle dog with a high intelligence. The make a great family dog although they can be snappy with pestering children. They make fantastic watch dogs with their alertness and barking. They can be trained and respond well to repetitive rewards-based training. Although small they have fiercely big personalities and a lot of love for their humans. They are very much a lap dog!

Family Life

These loyal and loving dogs make fantastic family dogs and often get along well with other pets as long as they are well socialized. They do well in less active households as they don't require much exercise and do great in small homes. They are fine with kids although they can be snappy with raucous kids. Overall a cuddly, loving, loyal and intelligent breed.

Fun Facts

-They are low shedding making them hypoallergenic and great pets for people with allergies.<br />
-Their black noses can turn pink when not receiving enough sun, although females' can turn pink when they are in heat.<br />
-Maltese dates back 3500BC, with evidence of them in ancient Greek and Roman texts.<br />
-Maltese' are well known in agility competitions

Breed History

Maltese are one of the oldest breeds in history with mentions of them dating back to 16th century. Being such an old breed, details of their exact origin vary but they most likely originate from the Mediterranean island of Malta. Notable writers and travelers of the time wrote of the "Canis Melitae" and their elegance, grace and irresistible faces. The fourth and fifth century B.C. Greeks praised the Maltese' geometric beauty. Where ancient Roman Empires grew their role as a status symbol and fashion status. They were guessed to have been used as exotic trade items and that is what prompted their spread across Europe and Egypt. In Egypt, Maltese were mentioned in ancient Hieroglyphs, and in England they were a symbol of status and importance. During the 1600-1700 there was a notable decrease in size of Maltese to the size of a squirrel and the white-only colour more prominent. In the 1800, the Maltese finally made it to the USA and quickly became a very popular dog breed, by 1888 it was registered at the American Kennel Club. From there it moved all over the world and is still considered a popular dog breed.


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