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Welcome to Snowpine Kennels and Cattery, where your pet’s safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our dog kennels feature secure wire mesh fencing, ensuring your furry friend can play without harm. The sleeping area is sheltered from the elements. You have a choice between our cement-floored and grassed kennels, and the grassed option allows your pet to enjoy a private garden all day long. We aim to make their stay feel like a “holiday camp,” not just a kennel.

Our dogs get daily exercise in our expansive grassy play areas. We engage them with fun activities such as ball, dummy, and Frisbee games. For those who love water play, we have safe paddling pools to cool off after an energetic session.

Our cattery is designed for spaciousness and fresh air, offering both upstairs and downstairs living areas, as well as an outdoor section. Cats can stretch, scratch, and explore in their large grassed exercise area, complete with scratching posts and a variety of toys for entertainment. At Snowpine Kennels and Cattery, we provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your beloved pets.


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