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I’ve had the pleasure of being the guardian to a variety of dogs, including 5 Huskies, 2 Boerboels, a Beagle, Corgis, and 2 Labradors. While we’ve sadly said goodbye to some of them, we still have 8 furry companions. Among them, our oldest members are Ice and Kinley, two Huskies aged 14 and 11 respectively. These two dogs ignited my passion for dog sledding, prompting me to explore Alaska on two occasions and fostering connections that have become some of my closest friendships.

My journey with dogs led me to pursue a Dog Behaviour Course from the respected Ethology Academy, endorsed by the South African Board for Companion Animal Professionals (SABCAP). Eager to expand my expertise, I delved into a dog training and behavior program rooted in learning theory, offered by Raising Canine LLC based in Texas, USA.

I gained hands-on experience in dog training by working with Kirsten R Frisch at Buddy’s Chance LLC in Texas back in 2011, where I specialized in reactive training. I also participated in workshops on nose work and managing reactive dogs at a training center in Austin, Texas.

In addition to my training background, I proudly hold a certification as a dog groomer since 2016. These experiences collectively shape my commitment to the well-being and care of dogs at our Dog Care Centre.


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