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At Canine Creche, our passion for starting a dog daycare was ignited by our own beloved pup, Stark. He’s a wonderful mix of Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute. As dog lovers, when we relocated to the Western Cape, ensuring Stark’s well-being during the day became a top priority. From an early age, Stark has been socialized, and while he adores us, the joy he finds in playing with other furry pals is unparalleled. We’ve taken him to various dog events and parks, and his friendly and well-behaved nature has impressed both kids and parents.

We understand that exercise is key for dogs like Stark – he thrives on it, rain or shine. Through experience, we’ve also learned that boredom can lead to unhappy dogs, chewed shoes, escape attempts, and other destructive behaviors. Stark is an integral part of our family, and we know how crucial it is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment when you can’t be with your own furry friend. At Canine Creche, we offer a haven where your dog can stay dry during rain, find shade when it’s hot, enjoy ample exercise, and be all-around happy. No matter your dog’s energy level, we’re here to be the welcoming place your furry companion will be thrilled to come to.


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