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Give your beloved felines a delightful vacation at AllPaws Lodge, where they can experience the same luxury and pampering you seek in a lodge getaway for yourself. Our cat-friendly luxury hotel boasts spacious rooms, elegant furnishings, a serene atmosphere, and engaging toys. Each room comfortably accommodates two to three cats from the same family and features a private garden with a veranda, sun decks, and a grassy area for relaxation and playtime. Our thoughtfully curated garden plants are designed with our furry guests in mind, and interleading doors are available as needed. It’s important to note that only cats from the same family can share a room.

Our dedicated staff ensures individual playtime, affectionate hugs, and cuddles, creating a blissful and contented purring holiday experience. Enjoy the captivating birdlife, charming chickens, and a view of the horse stables from the private gardens, providing a safe, stress-free, and immaculate environment for our cherished guests. Our attentive staff oversees the rooms 24/7, with accommodations overlooking the hotel, and the owner personally takes part in the care of all the guests, residing on the property.


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