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Boggle & Brux Rescue Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

Boggle & Brux is a non-profit organization located in Cape Town, Western Cape, dedicated to rescuing and providing care for small rodents. Established in 2018 by a group of passionate individuals, our primary goal is to improve the welfare of these often mistreated and abandoned creatures. Our initial focus was on changing the perception of pet rats, dispelling the misconceptions surrounding them and highlighting their potential as loving and deserving companions. Over time, our scope expanded to include other small animals such as hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, and more. At Boggle & Brux, we offer a range of services for small pet rodents, including rescue, fostering, veterinary care, and rehoming. Additionally, we have a dedicated wildlife section that specializes in hand-rearing and releasing wild rats and mice. Occasionally, we even provide temporary care for birds and tortoises in need. Education and awareness are fundamental aspects of our mission. Through our 5 R’s approach—Rescue, Rehabilitate, Raise, Rehome/Release—we strive to not only save and rehabilitate these animals but also promote their proper care and well-being. Our dedicated team of volunteers invest countless hours in furthering this cause. We rely on donations, contributions to cover veterinary expenses, and minimal guardianship fees to sustain our services and operations. At Boggle & Brux, we believe that every small animal deserves a chance at a safe and loving home. Through our efforts, we aim to make a positive impact and foster a greater understanding of the needs of these often overlooked and misunderstood creatures.


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