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Introducing Baker and McVeigh Equine Hospital KZN: Established in 1963 by Dr. Brian Baker in Summerveld, KwaZulu-Natal, the renowned Baker McVeigh equine practices have earned a prestigious reputation as one of South Africa’s most sought-after equine hospitals. With a commitment to service excellence, Dr. Baker’s vision quickly propelled the practice to great heights. In 1990, John McVeigh joined forces with Dr. Baker, bringing with him a fresh perspective and a focus on proactive care rather than reactive solutions. This approach drew in an esteemed international clientele seeking the expertise of the Baker McVeigh team. The group’s success led to the establishment of the Cape practice in 2003 and the first UK practice in Newmarket in 2006. Continuously expanding, Baker McVeigh opened branches in France (Chantilly) in 2010 and in Yorkshire and Lambourn in the UK in 2014. At Baker and McVeigh Equine Hospital KZN, our dedicated veterinary teams provide top-tier equine care, fully equipped with cutting-edge facilities in hospitals and clinics. We offer extensive ambulatory services to racehorses, sport horses, polo ponies, and leisure horses. Moreover, our expertise is not limited to South Africa, as Baker McVeigh vets consult in up to eight different countries daily, delivering tailored approaches and a wealth of experience to each valued client.

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