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Fiore Restaurant and Garden Centre Somerset West

6 Audas Street, Audas Estate, Cape Town, South Africa

Fiore, a family-run establishment, was founded in 2014 with the aim of offering a unique experience. Our vision was to create a haven where patrons could unwind, immerse themselves in the natural surroundings, and take pleasure in our offerings. By seamlessly blending nature, hospitality, plant life, and cuisine, we crafted an outdoor dining experience that leaves a lasting impression. Our Greyton and Somerset West locations both grace the grounds of exquisite garden centers, where guests can bask in the presence of plants, trees, and scenic mountain views. These special spaces are designed to cater to families, regardless of age, providing an inviting environment to spend quality time together. More than just a mere combination of a nursery and a restaurant, Fiore was born out of a profound love for flowers and food. It represents a destination that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring your enjoyment is paramount. As a family-owned establishment, we pride ourselves on the personal touch we bring, our flexibility, and our ability to provide individualized attention to our guests.

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