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Welcome to Pets Aquaria in Tokai Retreat, where tails wag, purrs abound, scales shimmer, and paws are pampered! We’ve got a paw-some variety of products to cater to your furry friends, slithery companions, pint-sized critters, and of course, our fin-tastic fishy friends! We’re like a zoo, but without the lions and tigers, just tons of choices for your beloved pets! Our shelves are filled with top-notch goodies from Lionel’s Choice, Montego, Avi, Rogz, Tetra, UltraZap, Venus Aqua, Ocean Free, Resun, Bravecto, NexGard, and a school of other fantastic brands. Trust us, we’ve got everything you need to keep your pets happy, healthy, and entertained. But that’s not all! We’re open and ready to serve you seven days a week because pet needs don’t take a day off. And when you visit us, we promise you purr-fect service with a wagging tail and prices that will make you paws-itively jump for joy! So, bring your fur babies, reptile pals, and mini critters along, and let’s embark on a wild shopping adventure together!


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