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Kraaines Pet Warehouse on Despath is the ultimate pet haven in the Eastern Cape, run by the passionate and dedicated owner, Danie Bothma, for an impressive 22 years. What started as a small hobby in a double garage has blossomed into a sprawling establishment that pet lovers adore. At Die Kraaines, you’ll discover an incredible array of pets, including a diverse range of Birds, from our cherished local species to the most captivating Exotic ones. Dive into the world of aquatic wonders with our extensive selection of Fish, spanning both Cold Water and Tropical varieties, beautifully displayed across 235 tanks. And let’s not forget our adorable Rodents and fascinating Reptiles, which are sure to captivate your heart. Beyond our marvelous pet section, Die Kraaines also caters to all your pet’s needs with a fantastic assortment of Accessories, Toys, Clothing, and Cages. We understand that a happy and healthy pet starts with proper nutrition, which is why we offer an extensive range of Pet Foods. Additionally, you’ll find a selection of Pet Supplements, Vitamins, and Medicines to ensure your beloved companions receive the best care possible.


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