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At Pet Savers Vet Grooming and Retail, our grooming parlour has been a part of Petsavers since its inception. We take immense pride in delivering top-notch grooming services. Our team of skilled groomers has more than a decade of experience and are passionate animal lovers. When it comes to hiring, we are stringent in ensuring that all our staff members share this love and dedication to pets. Beyond just grooming, our staff is trained to be attentive to any unusual behavior and quick to spot skin or coat issues such as hot spots or infections. If they notice anything concerning, they promptly inform our receptionist so that you, as a pet owner, can be informed of your pet’s condition. Additionally, in the rare event of an accidental cut or injury, our groomers will immediately inform the receptionist or Veterinarian, and you will be notified promptly. We understand that some pets may become fidgety or nervous during grooming, making it challenging for them to stay still. Rest assured, we do our utmost to provide a safe and gentle environment for all pets in our care. Your pet’s well-being and comfort are our utmost priority.


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