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Welcome to Chanel Dog and Cat Parlour, where we have crafted a unique sanctuary dedicated to grooming and styling your beloved pets, with a primary focus on enhancing their overall well-being. Our utmost goal is to ensure your pets receive the utmost care, love, and respect, while also fulfilling your specific desires. At Chanel Dog & Cat Parlour, the owners, Marzanne & Coenie, personally tend to each pet, providing individual attention and care. We are excitedly looking forward to meeting both you and your adorable furry companions! Love your dog and cat by treating them to the exceptional services at our parlour. Our specialized services encompass bathing, blow-drying, cutting, styling, nail trimming, grooming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and dipping. Moreover, we offer convenient pick-up and drop-off services for your ease. Additionally, we extend our care to house and petsitting services, personally undertaken by Marzanne & Coenie, giving your pets a delightful holiday while you are away. Choose Chanel Dog and Cat Parlour, where we put the well-being and happiness of your pets above all else.


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