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Team K9 INTERVENTION comprises a dynamic and diverse group, rich in experience encompassing domains such as Military Mechanised Infantry command, conventional operations, Parachute operations and training, Police, National Intelligence, as well as social and Private Security operations. The team’s mastery in operations, canine activities, and dog management is truly remarkable. Their passion for all things related to dogs emanates from the core.

At K9 Intervention, we’ve discovered the vital link between the realm of social and private canine affairs and the operational security sector. Our innovative approach fuses various K9 concepts and capabilities into a seamless whole. Leveraging our combined expertise, we harmonize and make our mark in the broader K9 market.

Our mission encompasses a range of services, including private and social dog owner training, the creation and distribution of premium dog accessories, offering guidance and assistance, and delivering top-notch capabilities to the operational field. This extends to sectors like Private Security, Policing, Correctional and Military Dog Units. Additionally, our services are readily available to international clients seeking our expertise.


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