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Vierthof Kennels & Cattery

Established for over 40 years, Vierthof Kennels & Cattery in Sir Lowry’s Pass is a renowned boarding facility dedicated to providing professional and compassionate care for your beloved pets. Under the stewardship of Sue and Bryan Cooke for the past 20 years, our facility boasts Sue’s expertise as a qualified veterinary nurse alongside a team of experienced staff, ensuring the highest standards of care for all animals entrusted to us.

Vierthof Kennel Services

Our kennels offer comfortable accommodations for your canine companions. Each spacious kennel comprises an enclosed bedroom area and an adjoining outdoor run, providing ample space for exercise and relaxation. We welcome dogs of all breeds, except Pit Bulls, and are equipped to accommodate sharing arrangements upon request.

Feeding and Medication

We maintain a regular feeding schedule with meals served twice daily, supplemented with bedtime treats. Owners have the option to bring their pet’s food, albeit boarding charges remain unchanged. Medication administration is available upon request, with critical medication discussed beforehand to ensure proper care. Additional fees may apply for medication administration.

Bedding and Exercise

While we provide bedding, owners may opt to bring their own, thereby ensuring it is suitable for the kennel environment. Additionally, rubber mats beneath the bedding ensure comfort and cleanliness. Moreover, our facility boasts three dedicated exercise areas, with outdoor time provided daily to complement the high activity levels within the kennels.

Pet Requirements and Long-Term Boarding

We welcome dogs from as young as 4 months, provided vaccinations are up-to-date. Additionally, special considerations are made for elderly dogs and long-term boarders, with pre-boarding assessments conducted to ensure their well-being and suitability for extended stays.

Vierthof Cattery Services

Our cattery offers twenty individual enclosures, ideal for accommodating two family cats each. Designed with the comfort and safety of our feline guests in mind, our indoor facility features large windows overlooking the garden, minimizing stress and enhancing their stay.

Feeding and Medication

Cats enjoy twice-daily feeding with dry pellets provided; moreover, owners may choose to bring their own food without affecting boarding charges. Likewise, similar to our kennel services, medication administration is available upon request, with prior discussions and potential fees applicable.

Bedding and Cat Transportation

While we supply bedding, owners may provide their own, ensuring their pet’s comfort during their stay. We encourage the use of cat boxes for transportation, though we can provide them upon request for added convenience.

Kennel & Cattery Fees

Our fees are structured based on the size of your pet, with nightly rates as follows:

  • Miniature/Toy (up to 10kgs) – R145
  • Medium (10-20kgs) – R150
  • Large (20-40kgs) – R155
  • Giant (over 40kgs) – R160
  • Cats – R130 per night

At Vierthof Kennels & Cattery, we prioritize the well-being and comfort of your pets, ensuring their stay with us is nothing short of exceptional. Contact us today to book your pet’s next boarding experience!

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