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Welcome to Karen’s Kitty Kingdom, where your beloved feline companions can enjoy a comfortable stay that feels just like home. Our catteries are thoughtfully located outdoors, providing a refreshing environment for your kitties to frolic in the open air. These catteries consist of loft-style units equipped with heaters to ensure warmth during cooler nights. As a boutique cattery, we offer a variety of accommodations including 11 wooden loft units, 3 chalet units, and 3 covered patio units, all designed to give each kitty individualized attention.

Every cat family has their own designated loft, with each cabin capable of accommodating 2 cats, while our Lavender unit can house up to three cats. At Karen’s Kitty Kingdom, we attend to all the needs of your feline friends, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing vacation with the assurance that they are well cared for. Our cattery strives to create an environment that feels like a true “home away from home” for your kitties. Our outdoor cattery space offers an additional play area, giving the kitties a chance to play and observe their surroundings from an elevated perspective.

Within each cabin, there is a personalized play area complete with some plants and artificial grass. We provide an array of toys to keep the kitties entertained, which we rotate daily to keep things fresh and exciting.


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