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In 2008, we embarked on a journey to establish Cats Pyjamas Cattery, set against the backdrop of our picturesque small holding at the base of the mountains. This marked the inception of Cat’s Pyjamas. Our vision was to craft a cattery that exuded a rustic, serene, and distinctive ambiance, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty that enveloped us. We chose a “common” cattery theme, inspired by the beauty that surrounded us. With a shared passion for felines and a deep affinity for all creatures, we were driven to create a haven that would offer contentment, security, and tranquility to the cats under our care—something we set out to achieve then and continue to provide now. Nestled along a peaceful rural lane, our location remains untouched by the noise of traffic, enveloped by carefully placed trees, shrubs, and the allure of visiting birds, squirrels, and even roaming peacocks. Mike and I are fully dedicated to the cattery’s operation, living out our dream on our cherished property while reveling in the privilege and fulfillment that arises from tending to these beloved cats.


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